Efficient time tracking for attorneys? Aim higher!

Automatic time accounting, it’s possible with Minutes

Minutes: is the future of time accounting software

Minutes is a fast developing software, on the road to fully automatic time-accounting. The issue is well known, tools are designed to help deal with this issue, but the solution was missing this far. No timers that require manual intervention, but real automatic time tracking and accounting.

Increasing billable hours and revenue for every law firm

The time tracking software helps lawyers in different ways:

  • The software is designed for lawyers, so time accounting takes just one minute;
  • Minutes helps with “time-awareness”, time is usually underestimated;
  • Honest time accounting, giving lawyer a good feeling as well as the client;
  • Complete time accounting, time doesn’t get lost anymore.

Minutes time tracking software so much more than just an app and as easy to use

Accounting time as an attorney was never this easy, efficient and flawless and complete:

  • Minutes registers automatically what happens on a PC during the day;
  • The algorithm will determine the exact duration of activities, links them to the right case and describes the tasks;
  • Open Minutes, check and accept the data collected by Minutes. After accepting Minutes can register your time into your current time accounting program.

Minutes doesn’t require a complicated software change.

Minutes can be integrated with almost all software available for lawyers, so a complicated change to a new management system is not necessary. Minutes will give you direct insight into all your activities through the clean “Minutes interface” without having to change processes. Besides this Minutes will suggest the billable hours for that day. After integration Minutes can account these hours automatically for you in your current software with – literally – one button. Even when you are currently not using software to account time, Minutes is the right software for you. From history you can easily search through and export billable hours.

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